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Turn your iPhone or Android
into a Fire Pager

Turn iPhone into a fire pager

  • 2-tone paging
  • Monitor/Alert
  • Voice Storage
  • Scan channels
  • GPS tracking
  • No setup fees

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Great for rural Fire Departments

  • 2-Tone Paging

    Receive voice alerts just like a Fire Pager with our iPhone/iPad and Android app. Listen to live radio broadcasts in monitor mode or switch to paging alert only mode to just get pages.

  • VoIP

    Allows members to talk to each other directly through a smart phone without making a phone call. Supports group calls so all members can talk to each other at the same time.

  • GPS tracking

    Area map showing all participating department members current location and status (on/off duty). Icons will indicate in real time if the member is responding to the call or not.

  • Private/Public

    Control access to sensitive broadcasts. Public radio broadcasts can be listened to by anyone, while private broadcasts are restricted to users approved by the broadcaster only.

  • Widget plugin

    Re-broadcast one dispatch channel on your department website with our free plugin or add a public channel to personal, non-commercial website.

  • Scan channels

    Simultaneously scan dozens of dispatch channels (priority scan - silent scan - plus more) monitor and receive alerts on all of the channels at the same time.

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Number of subscriptions: 

All options (50% discount)
GPS tracking/responding
VoIP voice messaging
Unlimited channels
Unlimited tone sets
Unlimited stored voice
Unlimited text message
Unlimited phone alerts
Alert/Audio archives

Price show above is per month Per month:
Service is expected to be available Fall 2015
Save 15% Annual Subscription Per year:
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Starts at $4.50* per month/user

Quantity discounted subscriptions available

  • 30 day free trial with all features enabled
  • Real time voice alerts with monitor - included
  • 1 channel and 15 minutes of SV - included
  • e-mail alerts with message attached - included
  • Listen to live radio broadcasts - included
  • High quality audio - included
  • GPS tracking map/member responding
  • VoIP allows members to talk to each other
  • Unlimited number of channels w/scan
  • Unlimited number of tone alert sets
  • Unlimited voice storage length
  • Unlimited SMS - Text message alerts
  • Unlimited automated phone call alerts
  • Archived/History audio/alerts database
*Not all features listed are included in the base price of $4.50 per month. The base price of $4.50 will give you a 1 channel virtual fire pager with 15 minutes of stored voice, 10 tone sets, unlimited voice alerts and unlimited monitoring of the broadcast. Additional features and options may be available but not shown on this page. All pricing subject to change without notice. Lock in your rate for 1 year and save 15% off the list price.

We accept Purchase Orders, Credit Cards or pre-payments on these new Minitor 6 pagers.

Posted by iFirePager on Friday, August 14, 2015
Virtual Fire Department
  • Listen for personal use
  • GPS tracking map
  • Coordinate mutual aid
  • API Integration

Connect your dispatch

Get connected

Original vectors

Live stream radio dispatch

No hardware to install or buy. Download our software then install on a computer in your dispatch center.

You will either need direct access to the audio from the dispatch center or use a receiver/scanner to feed the audio to our servers. The easiest way to get the audio for broadcast would be to install our software on one of the computers in the dispatch center, then begin broadcasting.

You can make a broadcast public so anyone can listen to it, or you can make the broadcast private so only approved members can access the broadcast.

Receive real time e-mail alerts to multiple email addresses. Choose to attach the audio clip of the alert or just a text message. Note: attaching an audio clip will delay the email until the dispatch has stop talking. A text only e-mail will be sent immediately even before the dispatch has stopped talking.
Logon through this website to listen to live radio broadcasts or listen to archived dispatches. Listen to live radio broadcasts.
Receive phone call alerts on any telephone (landline - cellphone - home - work). You will receive an automated telephone call "You have an alert" then the dispatch audio will play for you. Select the days and times you want to get alerts. Example: Alert on 158.875MHz (tone sets: 288.5/330.5 483.7/703.5 and long tone 1024) to work phone 9am-5pm (M-F) - Alert on 154.25MHz (tones 368.5/600.9) to a cellphone every night 6pm-11pm - Alerts on 462.5Mhz (tones 1200/2150) to a vacation phone Saturday 10:30am-9:20pm.
Our servers allow you to access the same information whether you are using a computer, a smart phone or a tablet.
Download our proprietary software to a computer then live stream audio up to our servers. The software can run 24/7 broadcasting audio in real time to our servers. If you use more than radio channel our software will allow you to broadcast multiple channels at the same time using just one computer.
Install our iPhone or iPad app and take your alerts with you. Listen live to the radio broadcast and coordinate with other members of your department using our app. Set up a scan list and customize the alert notifications you receive.
Receive text alerts with date/time, name of the broadcast and a link to the audio clip. Selectable schedule allows you to only get alert messages when you are "on duty".
The Android app allows any android capable device to use our service. You no longer need to within the reach of your radio tower to receive your alerts.

Our software will "learn" your paging tones. The software will listen for paging tones then automatically recognize and decode the tone sets. You don't need to know what the tones are to get alerts with our service.

It's free to upload your dispatch audio to our servers. You can even listen to the live radio broadcasts on this website for free.

Some features described on this website may require a paid subscription to use.

All smart phones/tablets requires a paid subscription to access the service.

Who should use this service?

Works on iPhone or Android Device
  • Fire
  • Personal
  • Citizen
  • Forest

Due to the nature of the internet and spotty cell phone coverage, our service should be thought of a supplement to, not a replacement for, your regular communications equipment. You should never rely solely on our service as your primary dispatch. Think of our service an one additional tool, in your tool belt. You should rely on your agency issued equipment for your primary dispatch.

Download the software to start broadcasting

Client Streaming Software

Free software download (available soon)

Create a free account on this website, then download our free software. Sign in then start streaming your dispatch audio up to our server, which is also free.

Use any computer to listen to the dispatch channel through this website, again for free.

Do you broadcast on more than one channel? You can broadcast dozens of channels simultaneously with our software. Again completely free.

Smart phone/tablet usage and some features on this website require a paid subscription.

Connection process

Get started!
Request a free beta account

The service will be available sometime in 2016.

If you want to sign up to become a beta tester, fill out the form below, it free.

ONLY beta testers will be permitted to use this service until development is completed. Once the development is completed, paid subscriptions will begin and beta testing will end. If you want to become a free beta tester fill out the form below.

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