Turn your
smart device into a Fire Pager

The service is free to use while in beta testing, anyone can download the app and use the service at no charge.
Embrace the future

Why lug around a clunky pager when you can use your smart phone instead?

2-tone paging

Receive voice pages just like a fire pager


Monitor all the traffic on a channel, or just receive alerts

Voice Storage

Save and play back voice messages


Scan multiple channels & never miss an alert with priority scan

GPS tracking

See the destination and all of the responders on a live map

Text Messages

Send text messages to other responders, individually or to a group

Get connected

Live stream dispatch audio with our unique software

Multiple channels

Using our client uploader software, multiple channels of audio can be simultaneously broadcast

Local archives

Save all of the audio to a local hard drive.

Multiple locations

Install the uploader software in multiple locations, with each location able to send multiple channels


Through the administrator portal, each Organization can limit access to the audio streams

Mutual Aid

Join up with other agencies, and share audio streams


Control who can become a member, and who has Administrator access

Install the uploader software

This is the software that sends the audio stream to our servers

How does it work?

Simply send the audio to our servers, then we take care of the rest.

Upload the audio

Using our software, the audio is uploaded. The software needs to be installed on a computer at location that has access to the audio you want to broadcast.

Our Servers

The audio is sent to our servers for processing, where it's scanned in real time for tones. If tones are detected, the clients are alerted.

Smart Device

Using the iFirePager app, smart devices are connected to our servers. Listen to live audio broadcasts in monitor mode, or switch to alert only mode to just get pages.

App screenshots

Android 8.1 - Beta version 1.0


There are 2 parts to the iFirePager service.

1) The app that runs on a smart device

2) The software that uploads the audio to our servers


The iFirePager app, is available for iPhone and iPad's running on iOS version 14.1 and higher


The iFirePager app, is available on Android devices running version 8.1 or higher


The iFirePager app, is available on computers running Windows 10 version 1903 and higher

Uploader Software

The uploader software runs on the following Microsoft platforms:

  • Windows 10 v1607 and higher
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 (service pack 1)
  • Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Server 2012 and R2 update
  • Server 2016 v1803 and higher
  • Server 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

The iFirePager service does everything a standard Fire Pager does, plus much more.

  • - In the app, you can change the toggle switches to (Monitor and Alert) (Monitor Only) (Alert Only)
  • - The app allows you to scan up to 25 channels per 'Feed Group'.
  • - Priority scan (selectable with a toggle switch).
  • - The app can receive 2-tone alerts, just like a traditional fire pager. Example (368.5/600.9) tones would be decoded, then your smart device will 'beep' and play the message. It also can alert with single long tones.
  • - Stored voice messages automatically saved, for both alerts and non-alert messages.
  • - Set specific times during the day to be alerted. For example, if your Department has a channel with 3 tone alerts. You can select which of the alerts to be alerted on, and what time of the day to get alerts. You can even set a different 'beeping' sound for each alert.

There are 2 parts the iFirePager service. The app which is used on a smart device, and the audio uploader software.

The audio uploader software, streams audio in real time to our servers. The tones are decoded using software running on our servers.

The tones are detected using software on our servers. The tones do not need to be known ahead of time to be detected. The audio stream is continually analyzed, and when a tone is broadcast, the detector decodes the tone.

If the decoded tones are in the proper 2-tone or long tone sequence, an alert is sent to the iFirePager app. Users who have subscribed to that feed, will receive an alert.

In the uploader software, when the audio level received is higher then the squelch level for 3 seconds, the audio stream begins. These first 3 seconds are stored, then sent up to the server when the broadcast starts. So no part of the transmission is lost.

After the broadcast starts, the uploader software will continually send the audio stream, until it detects 8 seconds of silence, then the stream stops.

In the iFirePager app, on your smart device, you can set up custom 'Feed Groups'. The feed groups are similar to radio channel banks. The feed groups hold 1 or more feeds (channels). You can create as many groups as needed. Then in the app, you select 1 of the groups to be the active group.

The channels in the selected group are scanned automatically, so you can listen to all the feeds in the group when in monitor mode. One of the feeds in the group can be set as priority.

If a tone is detected, an alert will sound (beep) then the audio from the alert is played. Alerts are always treated with priority, and will override all other feeds, including priority feeds.

In the app, on your smart device, all audio broadcasts that you have received, can be played back. This includes both alert audio, and non-alert audio.

When you respond to an alert, your position is marked on a map, along with all the other responders. During the alert, you can communicate with the other responders using text messages without leaving the map.

The audio is streamed in mono, using the opus codec at 48kHz 16-bit (fullband). The opus codec incorporates SILK which was designed specifically for voice communications, combining high quality voice audio with low bandwidth.

This is a real time app, all alerts and audio are streamed live, or as close to real time as possible.

Other similar alerting services wait until after the transmission has ended. Then they package the audio/alert into a bundle and send it to you. This causes unnecessary delays in receiving the alert and audio.

  • - Our unique uploader software, live streams the audio up to our servers. The only delay, is in the buffering of audio, which is unavoidable, due to the nature of the internet. The audio is not delayed longer than the total buffering time (typically 10 to 20 seconds). If the buffering is reduced too much, the audio stream will cut in/out causing chunks of the audio to be missed.
  • - Our servers decode the paging tones in real time, as the audio is received. The app is immediately alerted when the tones have been detected.

The delay will vary, so an exact number can't be given.

  • - Typically, the iFirePager app will alert between 1 and 5 seconds behind real time. Example: if your pager alerts, approximately 1 to 5 seconds later, your phone/device will also alert. The alerts are not buffered, they happen as close to real time, as the internet and computer processing allow.
  • - Typically, the audio stream starts between 8 and 20 seconds behind real time. Example: you hear audio on your pager/radio, approximately 8 to 20 seconds later, you will hear the same audio on your phone/device. The audio stream needs to be buffered, causing the audio to be delayed proportional to the buffer size. The buffer size can be adjusted by the user in the iFirePager app as needed. The lower the buffer is set, the quicker the audio starts, but the more likely the audio will cut in/out. Using the default buffer size, the audio will begin approximately 15 seconds behind real time.

You do not need to know what the alert tones are to use the service. You simply broadcast the audio, then we do the rest.

  • - Our software, continuously listens to the audio stream. Whenever a 2-tone alert happens, our software automatically decodes the tones.
  • - After the tones are decoded, the tones are saved in a database along with the audio stream information. Over time, all of the tones from your broadcast will be detected and saved.

Being on more than 1 department is not a problem. The app allows you to be a member of multiple departments.

  • - In the app, you can create 'Feed Groups' and in the group, you can place any broadcast you want, including broadcasts from different departments.

Yes, you may apply, if it's on behalf of the Fire Department, and with the Department consent. If not, you should contact the person in charge and ask them to apply.

The Organization who uploads the audio, has full control over who may receive it.

  • - The broadcast may be made available to the general public, so anyone can listen to it.
  • - The broadcast might be for the exclusive use of the members of the Organization.
  • - The broadcast might only be available to select group of people.
  • - The broadcast could be made available to other Organizations, and the members of the other Organizations (mutual aid).

Using our client uploader software, each organization may broadcast audio streams. Each stream is a dedicated channel of audio. The uploader software sends the audio from the source, to our servers.

  • - Each installation of the software, can upload multiple simultaneous streams of audio.
  • - Each audio stream uses very little bandwidth. A standard 5 Mbps internet connection can handle over 100 audio streams.
  • - You may install the software in multiple locations, with each location sending different audio streams.

In the app you create your own 'Feed Groups' with each group holding up to 25 channels. You may create as many feed groups as you want, so there is no limit to the number of channels you can listen to.

  • - You can create a group with just 1 channel, or multiple channels, it's up to you.
  • - Each group will scan all the channels in the group. Switchable from live mode, to standard mode.
  • - Each group can have a 'Priority' channel (switchable on/off).
  • - Each group can be set up with different 2-tone alerts.

Apply to get started.

If you are with an Organization who wants to use the service, the next step is to apply.

The service is primarily designed to be used by Public Safety related Organizations (Fire Dept, EMS, First Responders, Hospitals, etc.).

While the app can be downloaded by anyone, only approved organizations can upload audio streams. To utilize most of the features of this app, users will need to be a member of an Organization.

The iFirePager service is designed to broadcast routine dispatch audio and alerts, to official responders.

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The app is only available to Beta testers at this time. A limited number of Beta test slots are available.

Click on the store above for downloading instructions

If your Organization (Fire Dept, etc.) has not applied to use the iFirePager service, you should encourage them to do so. To utilize most of the features of this app, you will need to be a member of an Organization. While you can install the app on your own, many of the features will not work without being a member of a participating Organization.

Due to the nature of the internet and cell phone coverage, our service should be a supplement to, not a replacement for, your regular communications equipment. You should never rely solely on our service as your primary dispatch. You should rely on your agency issued equipment for your primary dispatch.